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Stryfe? by Outsayne Stryfe? :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 2 4 Alan Concepts by Outsayne Alan Concepts :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 0 3 Deirk Indepth Profile by Outsayne Deirk Indepth Profile :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 2 Deirk Concepts by Outsayne Deirk Concepts :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 2 3 Goddess of Dreams by Outsayne Goddess of Dreams :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 1 Dragon Ref Sheet 1 by Outsayne Dragon Ref Sheet 1 :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 9
The Dreaming: Chapter 4
They reached the settlement just as the sun was beginning to set,  Chard half carrying and half dragging Nettle as the she had nearly collapsed some time ago, not having fully recovered from the ordeal she'd suffered before the Vilhallan and his wolf had rescued her.  Somehow, they had managed to keep ahead of their pursuers and Chard credited it to them finding their dead comrade and his cave, while Nettle said it was because the luck goddess, Mephista, was smiling on them. Chard scoffed at this.
People looked on oddly as the two humans and the wolf sped through the tiny collection of huts and houses, some of them throwing curses or stones, while others just seemed wary. Windscream bared his fangs and snarled loudly, and the people backed off.
Chard steered toward a small dwelling that had been built directly into a fang of rock that jutted up from the ice and snow. Nettle wondered absently how long it had taken to build.  
"Where are we going?" She pante
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The Dreaming: Chapter 3
When Nettle awoke next she was groggy and disoriented. Her throat was as dry as a desert and her stomach felt like it was trying to eat her spine she was so hungry. But she felt like herself. The terrible nightmare that had previously plagued her had not shown itself the entire time she had been asleep, and for that she was grateful, and never again would she take for granted the wonderful gift that was a sound sleep.
She sat up and rubbed sleep from her eyes, stretching luxuriously to work out the kinks in her muscles. Gods, she'd never felt this rested in ages. It sure beat sleeping in trees with one eye open.
She jumped a little at the voice, but instantly remembered where she was. The cave of man named Chard who had saved her from certain death in the snow. She scanned the cave and found her savior in front of the fire, slowly turning some sort of meat on a spit. A dented iron pot also hung above the fire, delicious smelling steam rising from it in lazy tendrils. Chard g
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Far Off Places
Far Off Places
Here we are again. Back where everything started, and now, apparently, where it shall end. We are on a hillside, balanced precariously on the top of a chain-link fence while behind us the joyful screams of children can be heard as the clamber all over the park equipment like little monkeys, laughing and playing. Before us, the smooth navy sea stretches out to meet the horizon, the molten ball of the setting sun casting golden reflections across the surface.
I perk up at the sound of my name, turning to my companion, my eyes met with a thoughtful expression.
"Yes, Pepper?"
But she does not answer right away, instead, directing her gaze back to the waterfront. I don't mind, our conversations never seem to have many words anyway. When Pepper finally speaks her voice sounds sad.
"What would you do if I told you I was going away?"
Hold you, beg you not to go; to please, please don't leave me. I've never gone anywhere without you.
"I imagine that I'd be a little angry
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The Dreaming: Chapter 2
Nettle was aware only of that she was very warm. The cold that had once been plaguing her, freezing the very blood in her veins, was gone. Her mind travelled back over her progress: getting kicked off the merchant ship she had hitched a ride on in the Vilhallan capitol, Xin; staying at the 'inn' for a few days and stewing on the inustice of life, and then finally setting out on her merry way, figuring that it would be faster to just walk her way out of Vilhall than waiting for another merchant craft to become brave enough to venture into the Frost Sea. She could remember very little after that, the days blurring into monotonus series of sleeping and waking and walking and eating. And then she'd had the dream; that dark mysterious force that pursued her into the realms of sleep, unrelenting in its fury, never allowing her a moments peace. If not for that she would have fared much better in the tundra than she had, but it simply would not leave her alone. It teased and worried at her whi
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No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached
That's good isn't it, that's what you want?
No hidden fees, no astronomical secret consequences
That's what people always want
No strings attached
A loan, a friendly deal
Repaying a favour
That's what you look for
No strings attached
But no matter what there is always something
An extra charge, a loophole
Something that was hidden even as they told you there were
No strings attached
That's what the bully told me
When he asked me to help him cheat on the test
I wouldn't have to worry about any payback if he failed because there were
No strings attached
I gave him the answers, the wrong ones of course
I was scared of him but I had my morals
I should have remembered that it's a lie when they tell you
No strings attached
He found me after school, at the pier where my father worked
It wad cold, just the beginning of spring, but I liked watching the ships come in
And even as he came up behind me and pushed me down I tried to remind him what he'd told me
No strings attache
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The Dreaming: Chapter 1
The wind was blustering loudly, whipping wildly around the jagged peaks and snow scoured tundras of the southern land of Vilhall. The clouds hung low in the sky, dirty grey and shot through with streaks of white, pregnant with snow and sleet as they crawled sluggishly toward the horizon.
The natives of Vilhall merely wrapped their cloaks more tightly about their forms with frostbitten fingers, ducking their heads into fur-rimmed parkas and hastening to complete the days tasks and get back to their homes for the storm hit with unrelenting fury. It had been a particularly bad winter this year, much colder than usual and fraught with more blizzards. The bone-chilling temperatures had driven the prey animals to death and the carnivores to aggression; even large hunting parties, which previously were left alone by hungry beasts due to sheer weight of numbers, were no longer safe from a hungry and desperate wolf pack made mean by famine. It was not a favourable year, and it would probably on
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The Seabound Frontier by Outsayne The Seabound Frontier :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 2 1
Mature content
Memories Chapter 3 :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 0
Gaven Vulpin by Outsayne Gaven Vulpin :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 0 Zeldos Ranncor by Outsayne Zeldos Ranncor :iconoutsayne:Outsayne 1 0


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As if I wasn't updating only rarely before. I'd been planning on submitting a bunch of work after this semester was over, but now I'm not going to be able to. My laptop, which had everything I have been working on saved on it, has died a horrible death and all of my work was lost. Not sure when I'm going to submit anything next after this, but hopefully I can get something done.


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